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WELCOME to The Mendocino Institute, a non-profit, community based research, policy and educational center located on the North Coast of Mendocino County.

   The purpose of the Institute is to develop and promote policies and activities that enhance the environment, the communities and the way of life of the people of Mendocino County.

     Mendocino County is known for the breathtaking beauty of its coastline, canyons, redwood trees and oak woodlands, as well as for the diversity and independence of its communities.

    But today Mendocino County is in transition. Traditional industries, chiefly timber and fisheries, are being replaced though logging continues in exhausted forests. A new economy is emerging, yet this brings new threats to the natural beauty of the county and the well-being of the people. These include the on-going devastation of the forests and watersheds, a boom in the construction of luxury retirement homes and vacation rentals, new highway development, and a widening disparity of incomes.

     The future of the County and the way of life of its people are uncertain. There are both dangers and opportunities. The Mendocino Institute will work with community activists, public and private agencies to develop an innovative, positive vision for the North Coast. We will promote an economy that is sustainable and in balance with our natural environment. We will support the growth of communities that offer diversity, excellence in health and educational services and realistic opportunities for meaningful, satisfying work. We will work to protect our ecology and our rural setting.

      Our undertakings include providing research and educational materials for the Campaign to Restore Jackson Redwood Forest, 50,000 acres or redwood timberland stretching from Willits nearly to the Coast; a conference and report on affordable housing in Mendocino County; conferences in Mendocino and Berkeley on the Mendocino Communes of the back-to-the-land era; we host visits by international environmentalists, and sponsor environmental studies, including “Ecological Monitoring of Remnant Coastal Plant Communities” and “Natural Regeneration Following Timber-Harvest in Coast Redwood Forests in Big River State Park,” the latter in partnership with the Save the Redwoods League, and “Restoration of Coast Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) Forests,” by Will Russell, Jeff Sinclair, Kristin Hageseth Michels. We are also engaged in a comprehensive study of the social and environmental history of the Redwood Region. In addition, we organized the 2012 Conference, “Ecology and Community,” and we sponsor with Retort and KZYX the ongoing radio program, “An Antinomian Hour,” which broadcast the featured speakers of the “Ecology and Community” Conference.

    We hope you find this website interesting and will help us meet the challenges and responsibilities now confronting the communities of the North Coast of Mendocino County.

Cal Winslow, Ph.D.

The Mendocino Institute
PO Box 1281
Mendocino, CA 95460
(707) 962-9213