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Cal Winslow Monthly Review Press, 2014: E.P. Thompson and the Making of the New Left, Essays and Polemics.

Making of the New Left cover

From PM Press, 2012: West of Eden: Communes and Communalism in Northern California.

West of Eden cover

The Mendocino Coast - An Eco-communitarian Conference
February 18, 19, 20, 2011: Caspar Community Center, Caspar: CA and Jug Handle Farm Nature Center, Caspar, CA
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Professor Will Russell has announced a new project funded by the Save-the-Redwoods with support from the Mendocino Institute. The project investigates the natural recovery of second-growth coast redwood forests in collaboration with Prof. Joe McBride from UC Berkeley. The purpose of the study is to analyze the development of old-growth stand characteristics, canopy structure, and specific wildlife habitat features, within second-growth stands to address the question: Do second-growth coast redwood stands develop characteristics of structure and composition similar to old-growth stands in the absence of post-harvest?

Will Russell Video

January 29, 2011: John Gillis, speaking on: “Coast of Dreams, Coast of Nightmares: Living with California's Shores.”
“In the twentieth century, no landscape has changed more than coasts.
This transformation is not just physical but cultural, for the shore has come to take on radically new meanings as more and more Americans come back to the sea. The character of coastal living has changed dramatically and those who now live on the coasts no longer know how to live with them. The history of coasts and coastal people reveals what has been lost, but also offers lessons for the future.”

7:00 PM. For information call 962 9213.

John R. Gillis is author of Islands of the Minds: How the Human Imagination Created the Atlantic World; Becoming historians; and A World of Their Own Making: Myth, Ritual and the Quest for Family Values.

Gillis is Professor Emeritus of History at Rutgers University. He has taught at Stanford, Princeton, St. Anthony’s College, Oxford and the University of California, Berkeley and is a life member of Clare Hall, Cambridge.

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